Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Setting Description

Setting Description

Imagine that you are one of these swimmers. You have just dived into the ocean and are looking around the seafloor. What are some of the things that you can see, feel and hear underneath the water?

Answer each of these questions and create a list of at least 3 things for each:
What can you see?
I saw a  green fish  & a grey  dolphins & a seaHorse
What can you touch?
I can touch the  fish & the blue water
What can you hear?
the birds  and the little  Waves

Start Writing Here:

One  sunny  sparkling  day me and  my friends dived  off the rocos into  the clear blue
Water.   When we dive in the water we saw colourful fish and  It was swimming so fast
And then  we saw a  red seahorse   swimming. and then  We heard a noise and it was  a
dolphin    Crying so we went      past and kept on swimming  . when we got back up
We heard  a Whale swimming and splashing .   and then we touch’d a Turtle and a
Dolphin   and it was so cool touching the turtle  because it was so shiny and beautiful

 The end .

torty the luchy tortoise

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Term 1 animation - Better Together

Hi my name is Paul. Welcome to my animation about being ‘Better Together’. Here are my animations about how we can work as a team.

  1. Once upon a time there was a boy that Dropped done all the books and then The boy came and picked up all the books and  until the boy picked up a few books and then a boy came and picked up some books As well after that they took a big high five and said good job we did grat.
  2. This is my second animation.
. when I was picking up  rubbish on the field and then my friend came and hlpede me to pick up all the rubbish
  1. This is my 3rd animation about putting up the chairs.
  2. This is my last animation and its about putting away the chromebooks.

Thanks for watching.